Revolution Phoenix Motorcycles

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The Revolution Phoenix Patch/Colors

MAIN COLOR: GUNMETAL GRAY – This color is the basis for the Revolution patch. Not only does the name represent strength, but gray is how we are, meaning that there is no black and white about our members. This family is made up of many different races, sex, creeds, religions, and origins. Also, Revolution is not run or structured like any other club. We don’t do things this way or that. We stay in the gray area and do things OUR way.

COLORS: RED, WHITE, & BLUE – The colors of Patriotism, and of the American flag. Patriots fought for what they believed in, and so do we. Plus, Revolution was officially founded on July 4 – Independence Day.

THE NAME: REVOLUTION – This family strives to “revolutionize” the motorcycle club world and exceed all expectations. We even take pride in being able to surprise the motorcycle club world with what, who, and how we are.

THE WINGS – The wings represent freedom; the freedom of being a biker. They represent the freedom that you have to jump on your bike whenever you want and ride!

THE SHIELD – The Shield is there to protect the wings, to protect our freedom. That’s what we do. We protect our freedom as bikers, and we protect our club. LOYALTY, HONOR is on the shield because they are the two most important values of Revolution.

THE CROSS – The cross represents the faith we have in our club, in what our club represents, what it means, and in our family. It does not signify any one religion, nor does it limit your religious preference. The cross is a universal symbol of faith.

THE CHOPPER (LEFT SIDE OF SHIELD) – The chopper represents our acknowledgment of the “original” rider, or the “ol’ school” way of the motorcycle club. We, at all times, respect every rider, whether they ride a cruiser or a sport bike. “LIVE HARD” is placed underneath the chopper because that’s the way most of them life as a motorcycle club member, especially during the origins of the motorcycle club.

THE SPORT BIKE (RIGHT SIDE OF SHIELD) – The sport bike represents the new era of riders and motorcycle clubs. It’s not just the cruisers and choppers that believe in “family” anymore. Sport bike clubs have become a big part of the motorcycle club world. “RIDE FAST” is placed underneath the sport bike because… well, let’s face it. That’s what a sport bike is made for! *Revolution promotes and practices safe and lawful riding.

– R.P.M. stands for Revolution Phoenix Motorcycles. “Phoenix” is in the initials because Phoenix is where Revolution was started. (EST. AZ 2008 is on the bottom point of the cross and the Phoenix symbol is on the bottom of the shield)

The use of the scroll and the cracks on the bottom of the cross represent the longevity of Revolution. It might be old and weathered, but Revolution is still standing. (Kind of like an old castle)

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