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About Revolution Phoenix Motorcyclist (R.P.M)

Revolution Phoenix Motorcyclist/RPM Riding Club – Established 4 July 2008 in Phoenix, AZ

REVOLUTION (R.P.M.) was born on July 4th, 2008, in Phoenix AZ was founded to promote the enjoyment of owning/riding motorcycles. RPM strives to reflect the great diversity that is found in motorcycle riders across the nation as we ultimately share one common bond, riding.

Thirteen strong members, most of who originally started and rode in a another club, broke ties with the remaining members of that club to create a Revolution in the motorcycle community. Hence, the name. The first thirteen strived to ”revolutionalize” the motorcycle club structure, and exceed all expectations in the motorcycle community. In doing so, and in becoming a member of the Revolution Family, you will grow to understand that everything done within or about Revolution has meaning, purpose, and value, and is practiced and defended with honor, loyalty, and pride.

The patch (or “colors”) that represent Revolution is like no other. It can’t be found online, at a store, motorcycle shop, or seen anywhere else, except on the back of every full member of the Revolution Family. Our patch is unique, original, and one-of-a-kind. It was thought of, designed, created, drawn, and brought to life by Revolution itself.

Each patch represents a different feeling of accomplishment for each individual member. Every prospect must earn the right to wear the Revolution patch. Reason: Revolution is one of the most respected, most organized, most recognized, and most sought-after club to want to be a part of. Our reputation precedes us at all times, and in all places among all people. In order to be a full, patch-wearing member of this family, you must prove yourself to be dedicated to all that Revolution is.

4 comments to About Revolution Phoenix Motorcyclist (R.P.M)

  • Marcus

    I’m interested knowing how I can prospect to see if revolution would be a good fit for me…

  • Forrest

    I ride a GSXR750 and a HD Fat Bob. I just moved back to Phx from SoCal. I live in Tempe. I Out of all the MC’s in the area – I am interested in RPM. How does one get involved / become a prospective member of the family? Thank you!
    Best Regards,

  • Joe Guy

    Friend of basstards, just stopping by to check out the site. I was looking for the next event to come meet some other members.


    Hey yall what is your facebook page?

    Long time no see!

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